Website Update.

Well it’s that time of year to give the site a bit of a Spring Clean, Ok it’s July, but you know what I mean. Over the next few weeks it’ll be having a little make over. So If things do appear as what they normally seem don’t worry. All will be resumed so enough.

Thanks for now


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A Busy Time

It’s been a busy few months preparing to leave the Army and start a new career and also build my photography business.

I’ve had a few enquiries about wedding booking for this summer which is quite exciting.

Anyway at the moment I am away for 5 weeks on a course having just finished week 1 which will help me in a job within the IT Networking Industry. However not one to forget to take my camera along and in my downtime, I managed to get out and take a few photo’s, this weekend has been the Sport Relief mile,

As I’m currently down in Plymouth I thought i’d get out and take a few of todays event.

Here is just a selection

Ben McBean

Former Marine and double Amputee Ben McBean at the start and 50 yds from the finish

Ben McBean1


“Pilgrim Pete” Plymouth FC’s mascot


Shrek and Princess Fiona


Even the dogs got a run out



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Bird Watching

So Having just come back from focus on Imaging 2012 Europe’s largest Photography trade show, The RSPB had a stand and were talking about how photography and Bird watching are a good mix. That got me thinking about getting the camera out and shooting some birds,
Here are just a couple



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Website SEO

As I mentioned a few days ago, I was in the process of changing and updating my Website from Clikpic to WordPress,

So far I have been totally impressed with the versatility that WordPress has to offer.

There are hundreds of plugins for this and that, giving you the ability to adapt your site, to how you want it.

one of the things i’ll be playing with over the the weekend is the Website SEO, for this I’m using the YOAST SEO plugin

This give you the ability to add meta words, an SEO Title and other various Keywords,

at the moment I’m just touching the surface with this, but anything to help with the google rankings and get my site noticed has got to help.

So for now, I’ll sign off and do a bit more reading,

Wish me luck.




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Portrait shoot

So this week my family have been visiting Pembrokeshire, Staying up in fishguard.

However I managed to get a photoshoot in with my Niece and Nephew,

They thoroughly enjoyed being the star attractions

Here is my favourite from the morning.

To see the rest please click here 

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St Davids Cathedral

So the weather has been having its ups and downs and for a few hours this afternoon it had and up,

So after a hearty Sunday Lunch, with family we all headed down to St Davids.

I’ve been wanting to take some shots in the cathedral so I paid my £1.50 for my photography sticker and proceded to grab a few shots.


Tried a bit of HDR on that one, think i’ve got it about right, but should have checked my angles a bit better.

The cathedral has got some fab ceiling work. Here is another

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Updating of Website

So after a late night of trying to get WordPress installed on my 1and1 server using the 1click install application without much luck,

I finally decided to get it done manually, so much easier, Ticket has been sent to 1and1 as the install process is still in progress to which i’ve found out this is a know issue, Great effort, if had know that I wold have done it manually in the first place.

Anyway, I have decided to go away from Clikpic and take the plunge with WordPress using the Photocrati theme, and wow am I impressed

SOOO much easier to use, and customise.

Here is just a few of the themes I can choose from


What with that and the plugins to choose from, I’m glad to say I’ve made a good choice.

The website is work in progress so please bear with it


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First test post from Iphone

Just a quick test to see if I can post from my iPhone direct to site.

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